www.Eastmeetswestnutrition.com  content is researched, written and lived by Helen McCarthy, from New York, US.  Helen has been formally educated as a chemist (Bachelor of Science Degree), Food Scientist (Master Degree in Environmental Health with a concentration in Food Science) nutritionist (Doctor of Philosophy in Human Nutrition) and Yoga teacher (Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance).  Over the years Helen has been employed as a Health Policy Analyst for state government, a food chemist, a nutritionist, and has many years of teaching experience. Helen has taught high school chemistry and university level nutrition courses.  She spent 2 years in West Africa with the Peace Corps teaching biological sciences and here is where she learned about seeing and experiencing with different eyes other than just through the eyes of a white girl raised and educated through the vehicle of the western mindset. She currently manages a small consulting business titled Nourishing the Life Force (www.nourishingthelifeforce.com) that teaches yoga and counsels on nutrition.  She draws on her experience and passion for nutrition, science, and yoga to teach how to eat well and to live a healthy lifestyle through yoga and good nutrition.